Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In The Begining

On the suggestion of my beautiful, middle daughter I am creating this blog.  She thinks that since I have reached the ripe old age of... well never-mind, I am now capable to advise the younger generation on how to grow old gracefully and not go insane in the process.  I have managed to stay married for forty-seven years so far, raise four plus children (the plus will become evident in future posts), stay employed at one job or another for over thirty years, and become the matriarch of the very best family God ever created.  Now I am sure most of you think the same thing about your family but, no, it's mine - all mine.

It is my hope that I can produce some solid suggestions on the proper way to raise a family or, more accurately, confess my failures so you won't become the same bumbling, "fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants" kind of mother that I was.  Oh the lessons I messed up, and boy do I have a lot to confess to.  Did I mention this blog is supposed to be humerous.  So when I write about syrup on the walls (yes, I did that) and oatmeal and Ajax from the kitchen to the bedrooms (yes, the grandkids did that) I hope you have a good laugh at my expense and can relate to the joys of being a mother.

So sit back and enjoy all those "one day you will laugh about this" events that have caused my cognitive functioning to be non-existent and my being able to say "I've earned everyone of these gray hairs".