Friday, June 15, 2012

Racing Head First Into The - PAST

Well, we did it.  We sold our house, our civilized lives, our good school system, and what little bit of sanity we may have had and moved lock stock and barrel back to the 1880's.  Granted it was beautiful with its thirteen acres, woods, rock formations, and solitude, but thinking straight we were not.

If you don't count the kitchen floor, we did have a fairly stable house and barn, but the lack of heat, a working bathroom, running water, telephone, or television reception certainly did not promise a bright future.  We did have electricity and a working stove and refrigerator but that is where the conveniences stopped. 

Our first few days passed relatively well and we adapted, not that we had a choice, but as best we could.  We found the well and managed to carry buckets full of water into the house to do dishes and a pan big enough to keep a pot of hot water on the stove all the time. We cleared a path from the back door to the "outdoor spa", not that any of us wanted to use it.  We scrubbed and swept, aired and polished, unpacked and tossed.  Hubby went to work everyday so it was left to the kiddies and I to make this once abandoned house into a home.   Funny how the lack of television makes your kids more available to help.

Somehow, after about a million setbacks, we did make some sibilance of a livable home out of what was once a sows ear.  There were lots of mishaps and scares, fumbles and bumbles, but we were determined to make this work.  Never mind the mice we'd find drowned in the water pot we kept on the stove, the late night teenagers "parking" in our mile-long driveway, or the people who looked at us and said "Are you crazy", this was our life and nobody was going to change our minds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!