Friday, May 18, 2012

Never Send A Talker To Kindergarten

It was nice around the house when the three older children were in school and only little Elizabeth was home with me.  That is until she realized she was the only one there to entertain me.  And entertain she did.  She talked.  She talked.  And then she talked some more.  There wasn't anything she couldn't and wouldn't talk about.  "Mommy, why are there ants on the sidewalk"?  "How come daddy snores"?  "Why is Timmy's mommy so fat"?  No, Timmy's mommy was not pregnant, she was fat.  Sometimes Elizabeth even managed to ask these questions when others weren't around - unfortunately the Timmy's mommy question was not one of those times.

So the time finally came for Elizabeth to go to Kindergarten.  I would like to admit that I was going to miss all that chatter, but I can't.  I was really looking forward to some peace and quiet and being able to visit with Timmy's mommy again.

All the joy I had in my new found freedom ended quickly.  I ran into her teacher one day in the grocery store.  "I have never seen a child so helpful to others as your Elizabeth is".  Wish she had given me a little more time to relish in that good news before she shot me down.  "But does she always talk so much"?

"Yesterday we had show and tell and Elizabeth decided to tell us about her family.  She shared with us that you never shave your legs, her grandma smokes cigars, and sometimes her daddy sleeps on the couch".  There were a few more things she chose to share but suffice it to say I never shopped in that grocery store again.


  1. Nothing is sacred when you're in kindergarten!

  2. I agree. She is now an ICU nurse and still nothing is sacred. Couldn't ask for better though.