Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fire Drill

Apparently, after the fire that Eddie, Jr. thought was so cool, his teacher thought that was a really good reason to teach fire safety to her students.  She even brought in a fireman.  Eddie paid attention.  For months afterwards he was our expert on exposed electric cords, lit candles, and leaving pans on the stove.  I have to admit I was impressed with the little guy - and thoroughly irritated at the same time.

After school was out that summer my twin nephews came to visit.  They are six months older than Eddie.  Not to be outdone by his older and wiser cousins, Eddie decided he should teach them proper fire safety and set about to plan a usable escape plan.

I was sitting in the living room visiting with my sister when we noticed the three young adventurers come in the front door and run up to Eddie's room.  Lost in talking about various family members and old school mates, my sister and I barely noticed when the boys repeated the same routine a few minutes later.  We come from a very big family so sis and I had a lot to talk about and weren't paying much attention when this happened several more times.  Now we are reasonably good mothers, so it did finally dawn on us that while we were seeing the boys come in the front door we weren't seeing them go out the door.  She went to the front yard and I went to the bedroom - just in time to see one twin jump out the window and grab the other one before he made the same escape.  I arrived back in the living room just as my sister was dragging the other two doomed suspects in the door.

Seems our future "firemen" decided the proper escape route was to jump out the bedroom window (fortunately it was a split level so it wasn't a full second floor fall) and they were having so much fun they just kept doing it.  Unfortunately for them, they spent the rest of the visit sitting on the couch - listening to the mama and auntie discussing the pitfalls of misbehaving!

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