Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today is St. Patrick's Day (so obviously I am fast forwarding again).  I think I am Irish, at least a little bit, so I should be celebrating.  However, I do not drink so that is out.  I just realized I am not wearing green today so I may get pinched like the kids do in grade school.  I am too old and too tired to throw a big party.  So I guess, for this St. Paddy's Day at least, I must be content with my memories of Ireland.

Four years ago this month we made our one and only trip to Ireland.  We loved it.  We want to go back someday.  We want to see all there is to see in Ireland. 

We have many happy memories of our short trip.  Traveling with my sister and brother-in-law and cousin and her very funny hubby.  Eating fish and chips in local pubs.  Finding a souvenir wine glass lying along a path (free souvenirs are great).  Visiting all the castles, especially Blarney Castle, even though a bad knee kept me from kissing the Blarney Stone. 

One of my hopes when we went to Ireland was seeing a leprechaun.  I know, they are fictional creatures, but I just wanted to say I saw a little short guy in a green suit and a funny hat.  I came close while looking over a bridge when a little man in a black suit came up to me trying to explain why a long-legged bird was able to remain standing in a spill-way under the bridge.  Only problem was this little guy spoke only Gaelic and, well I was having enough trouble with the normal Irish brogue. 

However, my hopes were granted at the airport waiting to board for our trip home. A little short man, trying to pass through the check point, was setting off all kinds of alarms. He was wearing an Irish sweater and beret type Irish cap, and carrying a gnarled black Irish cane,. He was trying to convince the TSA's that he did indeed need that cane, he could not possibly walk without it. When they took it away he grabbed the sides of the metal detector, thus the alarm blaring everywhere. So finally, convinced they were going to have an old man falling down and suing them, they let him pass, gave him back his cane, and sent him on his way.

It was only when I was completely out of sight of all the airport personnel did I stop and wait for my dear hubby who was so afraid they would take away his precious, newly purchased Irish cane. 

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