Monday, March 26, 2012

The Slumber Party From - Well A Much Warmer Place

It was time for Renee's ninth birthday and she wanted a slumber party.  Sure, no problem, how hard can this be.  It's been so long ago I don't really remember how many little girls were invited, but having lived through it I have come to understand that more than one nine year old overnight female guest is one too many.

The party started about seven with hamburgers and snacks which they ate politely and even helped me clean up.  Then they all retired to the family room downstairs where I was sure they would behave like little angels and do each other's hair, paint their fingernails, and quietly talk about boys, school, and all the snobby girls that had not been invited.  Oh, the lesson I was about to learn.

This group of nine year old girls were apparently not into nail polish and new hair dos.  They were more into eating too much and summoning spirits from the - well a much warmer place.  Along about the time I decided I needed to check on this group of future Ghost Whispers they had eaten more popcorn than a nine movie cinema and were sitting on the floor in a circle chanting like they were howling at the moon.  It could, of course, have been moaning and groaning from the half a pound of butter and tub full of popcorn and bowls of birthday cake and ice cream each of them had consumed.

It took me all of two seconds to grab Renee by the shirt collar and let her know that not only was this activity totally inappropriate but I was sure her father, the preacher, would have her hide - and mine as well.  I managed to get them pointed in another direction, but only after tangling with the ring leader who was immediately angry and tried to climb out the upper basement window to go home.  It wasn't that I didn't want her to climb out the upper basement window and go home, but I figured if she was this angry at nine, what must her parents be like and I knew I would have to deal with them if that were to happen.

At this point I knew it was going to be a long night.  So after a kazillion games of Clue, Old Maid, and I Spy the girls started dropping like flies.  All of them that is but angry ring leader and a neighbor girl with the most upsettest tummy I had ever seen - or had emptied on my favorite jeans. 
About nine o'clock the next morning angry ring leader came up to breakfast and over a plateful of pancakes decided I wasn't such a bad person after all.  Upsettest tummy decided she could also eat again, although she wasn't too happy that I limited her to three pancakes.

Someday Renee's two younger sister's may get to have a slumber party of their own - maybe.

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