Thursday, March 1, 2012

The New House And The Blimp

So with the new baby coming we decided not only that we needed a new house but that we needed to actually build a new house.  They say that having children and building a new house are really hard on a marriage and we were silly enough to believe we could handle both at the same time. 
Hormones rage during pregnancy.  Delusions of grandeur rage when you are building a house.  Homicidal ideations rage when you are pregnant and building a house.  I quickly found out I had champagne taste on a beer pocketbook - or in my case as a fundamentalist Baptist preacher's wife, Perrier taste on a tap water pocketbook.  So every time I showed up requesting another closet or switching a room from one side of the house to another, my contractor would just smile and say sure, have your husband give me a call.  Every time I asked my husband to upgrade to granite counter tops or gold bathroom fixtures, he'd just say sure, just call the contractor - who would then say sure, have your husband give me a call.  I was at the point of murder, and I was going to claim insanity - theirs not mine.

Along about the time I realized what I was up against and that I was not going to get anything I asked for, I'd reached my due date.  I decided I would make one last trip to see the new house before delivery so we packed a picnic lunch and piled the other three little ones into the car and headed to what would soon be our new home. 

We finished eating and the kids spent some time running from room to room listing all the things they wanted for their rooms (they were more like their mama than I thought), and hubby pulled out the movie camera to add to his video diary of the new house.  I had just finished packing up the food when he called me outside.  I lumbered my way down the makeshift steps, across the unsodded front yard and looked up to see what he was filming.  There making its way across the sky was the Goodyear Blimp like it was announcing to the world that we were coming to town - well, actually it was proclaiming the opening of a new tire dealership but I was still in that delusions of grandeur stage.

Months later when we were in the new home and watching the completed video diary, I noticed that day's section was labeled "The New House and The Blimp".   I thought that was pretty special (back in those days you didn't often get to see a blimp) that is, until I saw the video - all kinds of pictures of the house and the kids playing and then there I was - big as the side of a barn - and no sign of the Goodyear Blimp anywhere! 

(My apologies to all of you who have been reading my blog.  I have been a little slow with additions lately.  I have just had my second knee replacement and while I am doing quite well, I am not as young as I used to be - my doctor's words - and some days I am too tired to write.  I hope as I improve I will soon be back to my daily ramblings.  Thank you for understanding.) 

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