Thursday, March 8, 2012

When Houses Attack

Okay, so it wasn't the smartest thing we have ever done but I am sure if we stopped to think about it we could probably find a few things dumber - but not many.

About a week after Elizabeth was born we decided to make a trip to see the progress on the new house.  It was what they called a split-level dwelling.  The living room, kitchen, and garage were on one level and up a few stairs to the left of the living room were three bedrooms and a bath.  To the left of the kitchen and down a few stairs were another bedroom, the family room, laundry room, and another bath.  It is this part that got us into trouble. 

Elizabeth was tucked into her car seat sitting in the emptiness of the kitchen and the other three were exploring the upper level - still delusional enough to think they could have anything they wanted for their bedrooms.  Edward and I took the few steps to the lower level and found about a kazillion sheets of drywall stacked against one wall and an almost equal number of doors and windows against the other wall which made for a very narrow walkway between.  Here is where the dumb part comes in - we walked down that narrow passage.

We had gotten about halfway when we heard a rumble and turned to see the drywall slip and before we knew it we were pinned against the doors and windows, me facing one way and Edward's nose against a door.  I don't think even the two of us could have pushed out way out and there was no way I could move that drywall all by myself.  So we did what any self-respecting victims of drywall smashing would do, we screamed.  The children came running, but no one else.  Finally reason took over and we stopped screaming and calmed the children down as best we could.

When we realized no one was around to hear us so we sent two and half year old Lynlie to sit by baby Elizabeth who was now crying and convinced Renee and little Eddie they needed to go for help.  Now I am sure you are all wondering why we didn't just use our cell phones - THEY HADN'T BEEN INVENTED YET!

About fifteen minutes later they came back with help - a couple of seven year old boys playing football in field nearby.  I am sure they only came because Renee convinced them because I knew Eddie well enough to know he just wanted to stay there and play football with them.

It took awhile but the boys and I managed to push one sheet at a time off of us so Edward could get out and fix the stack so it didn't topple again.
We thanked the boys and sent them on their way and we scrambled out of their as fast as our feet would carry us.  We didn't go back until we were assured the walls were all in place.

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