Thursday, March 15, 2012

Moving Day

It was hard to leave our home and fifty-two acres in the country.  There were so many reasons to stay.  There was one reason to leave - snakes.  By now you know Edward hates snakes - the rest of us followed his lead.

So between building the new house and having a baby we managed to pack up our belongings and prepare to move a family of six and all their belongings.  No easy task but knowing their was always a possibility of finding another snake in our basement was all the motivation we needed.
We gathered all the family and friends we had who were under sixty and packed up a moving van and every pickup we could find.  It was wonderful.  By nightfall we were all exhausted and various members of the moving crew were dropping like flies.  There were still beds to be made and babies to bathe.  So I feed our voluntary crew and sent them on their way, wishing I could keep them all for the next few weeks to help sort boxes and organize a new life.      

Alas, it was me who unpacked those boxes, put away towels and pans and lots of memories.  I left the garage for Edward.  Those boxes were his responsibility, especially when I realized he had packed up half a moving van of rusty nails and tools too old to be much use but not quite antique quality.

So here we were, sleeping soundly in new rooms, cooking meals in a kitchen much smaller than I was used to, and not doing laundry on a cold closed in back porch.  However, the best part of all of this was not having to worry about coming face to face with SNAKES! 


  1. So glad that you don't have to worry about the snakes any longer!

  2. Thanks Alida, that was a happy day. We no longer live in that house but spent some good years there. Snakes seem to be the devil's way of getting to us I guess. Hope you are well.