Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Can You Digress Forward

I thought I'd move into the future for a day after Edward had some concerns about my title - Retiredandstillcooking.  I thought it would be obvious that I meant I have grown older, retired from a fantastic job, all my children are grown with families of their own - but I am still cooking and making fantastic (if I do say so myself) meals for lots of people.

Our grandson Ed, that's right there are three Edwards in this family and you can imagine how confusing that is, lives with us and is an absolute joy to have around.  He is so pleasant that half the young men in town like to come over, play video games, take a nap (or stay the night), and eat.  So I do a lot of cooking.

There are also all those family get togethers, church gatherings, writer's groups, parties, potlucks, and midnight snacks.  I just plain love to cook - eating is not so bad either.

Edward, great husband and protector that he is, has taken exception to my title.  He says all the old men from here to Timbuktu will be reading my blog and become very interested in me.  "Oh, I see," says I, "they will know that I am old and can cook."  "No," says he, "they will think you are old and still cooking".  "That's right, I am old but I can still cook".  "That's what I mean.  You're retired and old men will think you mean cooking. You know - cooking."  So after I picked myself up off the floor from laughing so hard, I guess I could see his point.  So I will digress forward long enough to say, I am old, I can still cook, but my heart belongs to only one old man.  Happy Valentines' Day honey, I still love you after all these years. 

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