Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Middle Daughter

Lynlie was our smallest baby at seven and a half pounds.  She was tiny and had very thick, dark hair.  When an older cousin saw her for the first time he said she wasn't a baby it was just a toy doll.  We invited him to touch her wiggly toes, he did and promptly stated that her foot was real but the rest of her was still a toy.

She was a good baby but an even better child growing up.  We never had to worry about her.  If she told us she was going somewhere, that's exactly where she went and she came home exactly when she said she would.  Well, there was that time when she was eighteen and went to a birthday party and told us she would be home at 9 pm.  Needless to say when it got to be 9:30 and she wasn't home, we absolutely panicked.  We were just grabbing our coats to make a frantic search for her when she finally pulled into the driveway.  We didn't even have a chance to ask where she had been when she blurted out, "Don't worry, I'm okay.  I was with the police and because of me none of us had to go to jail".  Then she  turned and started off to her room like that was all the information we needed to hear. 

Turns out Lynlie and the girls from the party had decided to go visit another girl who had not been able to come and they were a little late leaving so they were still driving after curfew at 9 pm.  A young policeman, wanting to strut his stuff in front of a car load of teenage girls, pulled them over.  He was in the process of reading them the riot act for being out past curfew without an adult when Lynlie stopped him, showed him her driver's license and revealed that she was eighteen and therefore they did indeed have an adult with them.  Embarrassed he let them go and they went back to the party and Lynlie came home. 

That was the one and only time she gave us any cause for concern. 

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