Monday, February 6, 2012

Our Youngest

Elizabeth, our youngest, was born with a head full of dark curls and a desire to talk.  When they laid her on my stomach I did what most mothers do, I threw up.  If babies were in fact able to talk, I am sure she would have yelled "Hey what's up with that?"  In all fairness, I threw up every time I had a baby so this was nothing special.  Along about three weeks I think Elizabeth did say her first words and she has not stopped since.  In fact, I think she was giving the doctor instructions on how to conduct her six week checkup and that she was quite capable to taking care of herself from then on.

I went to many parent-teacher conferences while I was raising my children.  I grew quite familiar with phrases like, such a wonderful child, a model student, wish I have a whole classroom of students like your child, always helping and putting others first.  I loved these compliments for my children.  However, we were soon hearing some new qualifiers to these compliments.  Things like, I have never heard a child talk so much in my entire teaching career, she's very helpful to the other students except she wants to do the work for them, does she talk this much at home, she tries to do my job teaching the other kids, can you do something to keep her from talking so much.  Of course I know she talks that much, no I can't do anything about it - I've tried, yes she does tend to take over. blah, blah, blah.  Why do you think I sent her to kindergarten at age 3!

Somehow we always knew all our children would be leaders and successful in life, however, we also knew Elizabeth would take over the world.  She is grown now, an excellent and talented ICU nurse.  Yes she still talks, more than most people, and she is very passionate that things are done right at her hospital.  So if you break the rules or go against the policies she will see to it you are fired - just ask the Chaplain!  But that is a story for another blog. 

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  1. lol- you threw up and I passed out! Nothing like the joy of giving birth :)

    My middle son talks non-stop too. It is impressive!