Monday, February 13, 2012

What's Your Phobia?

There are a lot of phobias in this family.  Spiders, heights, tight spaces, well, you name it and somebody has it, but nothing, and I mean nothing, frightens us more than snakes - especially hubby.  Now the first time I witnessed this paralyzing phenomenon caught us both off guard, as do most snake attacks I am sure - nasty old sneaky creatures.

We were outside just after a heavy rain.  Our two older children were running through the front yard trying, not to successfully, to miss the puddles of rain water.  All of a sudden I spotted what I was sure was an anaconda it was so big.  It was headed straight toward Eddie who had just  managed to not avoid a very muddy puddle.  I proved to be no help at all as I stood there dumbfounded but a quick shout from hubby brought me out of my stupor just as Eddie came flying through the air and straight into my arms.  Renee quickly came over the side of the porch and hubby went running for a hoe.  I have never seen such vengeance in a man's eyes as hubby raised that hoe and came down right behind that snake's head.  I am not sure but I think I saw that snake laugh.

Time after time hubby brought that hoe down on the snake and time after time the snake turned a little closer toward hubby.  Finally, in much frustration hubby hit the snake enough to stun it into submission and long enough for him to douse a nearby pile of leaves with gasoline and with one last effort toss the stunned reptile into the fire.  Too crazed to do anything the snake lost the battle and hubby had won the war.  No we did not have roasted snake for dinner.

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