Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Son

 Little Eddie was born on a Sunday evening just about thirty minutes after we arrived at the hospital.  Not a lot of extensive labor like his older sister but we managed to get there in time for daddy to watch Bonanza while I was breaking the sound barrier trying to get to the labor room in time.  We soon found out that speed was going to be a vital part of this child's life. 

By the time our son reached a whole year old he had given up his bottle, his crib, and afternoon naps.  He had also learned how to terrorize his sister, open locked doors, ride a tricycle, and present partial bird carcases to his mama for approval.

He also managed to cause speed in other people.  Like the time he decided there were too many people in the pet store and he was not able to see the animals as quickly as he would like.  So, in his bright male dominate mind he just ran through the store yelling, the snakes are loose, the snakes are loose.  After that he was free to view all the animals at his convenience.

He was a beautiful child, wavy blond hair, and a smile and dimples to die for.  That's why it was so hard to believe such innocence could reek so much havoc.  But those are stories for more (many, many more) blogs.

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  1. Good thing Edward wasn't around for that, albeit fake, snake fiasco ;)