Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Oldest

Have you ever had the feeling that no matter what you need to do you aren't going to do it right?  Well that's exactly the feeling I had when we brought our first child home from the hospital.  Renee was born a long time ago, back when new mommies got to stay in the hospital for a full five days, the babies slept in the nursery where the nurses fed them at night, and there was always some medical professional nearby to help when you needed to rest. 

Renee was a really good baby.  She hardly ever cried, spit up, or made disgusting bodily noises.  Well there was that time she tinkled on her great uncle Charles, but we don't talk about that.  She started sleeping through the night at age one and a half weeks.  That's the truth.  She would sleep from about 10 pm until 6 am with no problem at all.  However, I should explain what led up to this phenomenon.  You see, new daddy decided he should get up to feed her so I could get some rest.  He changed her and made her toasty warm while her four-ounce bottle was warming.  After being satisfied the bottle was just right he picked her up and headed for the rocking chair.  Unfortunately in order to get to the chair he had to cross the bedroom and tiptoe past the old radiator that heated the apartment.  The problem was that he didn't tiptoe past the radiator, he tiptoed into the radiator and stubbed his toe, knocked my fuzzy slipper into the heater where it immediately fused to the heated metal, stomped off to the rocker, fed the poor child the entire bottle, did not burp her, and put her back in the crib where I am sure she realized if she was going to make it in this world she'd better not tick off her new daddy. 

I knew then that God was listening the day we brought her home and I whispered this prayer, "God, please don't let this child do anything that you and I can't handle together".  So far He has done just that.


  1. Love your posts friend. Donna

  2. Just found your blog via my sister, who unlike yours, WAS the one getting everyone else in trouble. lol. Love your writing, it brings back lots and lots of wonderful memories. Hope you continue your writing for many years to come. God Bless, Mrs. KRG - Ohio

    PS- your daughter Renee sounds like she was an absolute dream child! lol :)

  3. She was, she slept through the night very well, until she was about 16 and a friend named Mary Ann came along.